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7 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Blog’s Ranking 2017

There are many people who love to earn online through their writing skills. In this way, the trend of blogging or blog post is growing rapidly. Also, the professional bloggers have chosen blogging as their full time job and earning from their blog posts in dollars. With this influence, many people are diverting towards the art of blogging and sharing their views and skills on various topics through their personal blogs to the whole world. Thus, blogging has potential to change the world and suggests avenues to bloggers to share their thoughts to readers residing varied parts of the globe.

7 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Blog’s Ranking 2017

It’s good to write informative blogs for the online readers and make them aware of current affairs, technology, products, services, and other topics. But, online promotion of your blog at Google is equally important.

In the competitive online marketing world, there are many ways to promote your blogs and other businesses contents.

If you are a blogger and want to earn through your online blogs, it’s essential to know how to promote blogs over the web.

This is the major step that you need to take care of wisely. Online optimization of blog requires right procedure to follow that will help you increase blog’s ranking, traffic, click rate, reviews, comments, etc. All you can get by doing optimization of your blog through right ways.

Below are seven vital ways to immediately improve your blog’s ranking or search ability at major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Right optimization of your blog post’s title

The title of your blog plays crucial role in its online search and makes user able to find his or her desired content over the web. So, it’s required to optimize the title of your blog smartly.

Make sure, your blog’s title includes the targeted keyword. Besides, the title should be catchy and meaningful that will help readers to understand it clearly.

Try to keep the title tag between 50-59 characters for better display of it on Google search. Now, promote the title at potential search engines and generate major clicks for it to increase its ranking.

Proper utilization of keywords in the blog content

Keywords are always crucial parts of your blog. They help you increase ranking of the content or its search ability at search engines. However, it’s essential to do proper utilization of provided keyword in the blog. Besides, you need to take care of the following things such as:

  • Ensure you have used keywords in a right density in your blog. Keep the keyword density up to 2% of total words in the content.
  • Try to place the main keyword in 100 words of first paragraph of blog. Also, you should include keyword in the conclusion of the content.
  • Make the keyword insertion in blog content naturally.

Social media sharing of blog

The online optimization of blog and other business contents via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., will also help you increase ranking of your blog post. Share your blogs on social media for online users.

They will read your blog and will share their comments, reviews and feedback after reading it. Also, this will help you understand worth of the blog and its utility for the readers.

Give options to the readers to share the blog to others. So, more will be the social sharing of your blog, more will be the traffic or click rate for it. Thus, it will automatically boost ranking of the blog at major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Increase the click-rate of blog

To increase ranking of your blog online, it’s required to increase its click rate. For this, you can adopt several ways that can help you get maximum hits for the blog such as promote keywords of content online, post classifieds of blogs, share blog on social sites, meta tags or meta description, make catchy heading or title, and many more. By performing all these exercises smartly, you can enhance click rate of the blog over the web.

Go for Slide sharing of blog

The slide share representation of blog content will also benefit in its click rate and get high ranking online. Make your content slides eye-catchy and informative for the online readers.

This will enforce more interest of audience towards your blog and they will love to click on it. As a result, your blog will get more back links that will finally result in increasing its ranking at search engines.

Improve quality of your blog

For easy optimization of your blog, it’s necessary to improve quality of the blog content. Make sure your blog is written well and is free from grammatical mistakes too.

Besides, your blog should include right density of keyword, and has good proximity as well.

Furthermore, the placement of keywords in whole body, title and conclusion should be done in a right manner.

Apart from that, you need to work on the content format and style of blogging that can enhance user’s attention towards your blog.

All factors should be checked wisely before posting it anywhere over the web. Moreover, it will help SEO experts to promote the content online and get its value for the business.

Promote blogs in video, PDF, and PowerPoint presentation forms

It works, content posting related to business in video form. Most bloggers have adopted this methodology and have started their video blogs. It enables them to convey their messages to audience in video form. For instance, YouTube is a right option to endorse blogs and other video contents for brand and products’ promotion.

Similarly, convert your blog in PDF form and syndicate them to other websites. This also gives results in increasing click-rate of the blogs.

You can also prepare PowerPoint presentation of your blog to showcase its main points for the audience. Hence, all above options can make possible to promote your blog immediately over the web and get higher hits for it easily.

As a result, above are seven maximum full-size ways, which assist you to deliver kick advertising in your online blog and increase its ranking at potential search engines like google and social media systems as nicely.


To benefit proper really worth of your blogging exercise, it’s necessary to promote your blog on line and generate high ranking for it. For this result, you need to increase the click-rate of the blog, optimize its title, social sharing of blog, convert blog content to PDF and videos forms, make PowerPoint presentation and Slide share of blog content, and many more. By using all such techniques, you can endorse blog online at renowned search engines and social networking websites with ease.

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