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How To Activate Auto-renewal GLO Data Plan (Code)

How To Activate Auto-renewal GLO Data Plan (Code) GLO line has expanded due to the alteration in GLO’s data policy.


Customers who auto-renew their data plans will get 100% data bonus.

For instance; when you buy the GLO monthly plan that gives 1.6GB for N1,000. Upon auto-renewal, you shall be awarded 3.2GB instead of 1.6GB.

This article is, however, a reverse article of my earlier article on how to deactivate GLO automatic renewal.

All GLO data packages can be renewed automatically or manually when the subscription expires. Automatic renewal can be done on any package via the Self Care Portal.

How To Activate Auto-renewal GLO (Code)How To Activate Auto-renewal GLO Data Plan (Code)

To ensure successful automatic renewal of subscription, you need to make sure that enough credit is on your line by the date of renewal. The system will notify you of the renewal date, prior to this date, by text.

So, to activate the renewal on your GLO line, follow the steps:

  • Type and send ACCEPT to 127 by text/SMS and wait for the confirmation message.

If you purchase/ renew data plan, within 72 hours of expiry/ exhaustion of the active data plan you will get 100 % bonus.

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