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The Best YouTube Tricks You Wish You Knew About

YouTube Tricks YouTube is definitely the most popular and famous video sharing website and there is hardly a day since most of us decide not to use it. Even if SNS such as Facebook and Instagram are larger in terms of socializing, YouTube is the second great reach after Facebook and the second biggest search engine after Google.

YouTube Tricks

The Best YouTube Tricks You Wish You Knew About

There are many YouTube Tricks can do and you wish you know.

  1. How to see written transcripts of videos

YouTube automatically generated a written transcript for every video uploaded and anyone can access it. To see a video transcript, you have to open the video and press the “More” option. The next step is to select “Transcript” and voila.

  1. How to create a link to start a YouTube video at a certain time:

To perform this action it is necessary to open the video and click on “Share”, from underneath the video title. The check the box next to “Start at” and simply type down the time you want. Videos can also be paused at a specific time, should you wish to.

  1. How to edit or upload a transcript as to help your video get found in search

Just like its parent company, Google, YouTube ranks videos in search based on certain factors. Videos’ descriptions and transcripts are important.

To add a transcript to your video, you need to open it and click on the “Subtitle/CC” icon. Set the language you prefer and then choose from the different ways available to add subtitles or closed captions to your video.

  1. How to use YouTube to get free transcriptions of your videos

Upload your video, press the “More” tab and choose the option “Transcript”, then upload your audio recording on YouTube using TunesToTube.

  1. How to clear your YouTube history

Those who want to delete their search and watch history have to navigate to the “Watch History” menu. The next step is to select the “Clear watch history: option or just individually remove compromising videos.

  1. How to know more about YouTube’s copyright in a fun way

There is a “Copyrights Basics” FAQ page about YouTube and it casts puppets. The characters are pretty hilarious and the fun.

  1. How to get the safer version of YouTube and protect your kids

This is a feature every parent should know about. There is a YouTube version for kids: YouTube Kids. This safer version of YouTube uses algorithms to select videos which protect your children from pornography and dangerous stuff.

The feature can be turned on or off and there is even a timer limit to how much time your child can spend surfing the app.

  1. How to compare YouTube search terms over time with Google Trends

Many use Google Trends to look at the popularity of an area, but the app also allows you to compare the popularity of YouTube search queries.

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Open Google Trends and type a search term into “Explore topics”. Then click on “Web Search” and select the option “YouTube Search”.

  1. How to remove ads from YouTube videos

Ads can be pretty annoying, especially when you are focused on what you are watching. YouTube Red is a subscription service with a price of around 10$ a month and it will remove all ads.

  1. How to Live Stream from your PC

To perform a Live Stream, you have to log into your YouTube account and click on the “Upload” button. Then choose the option “Live Streaming” and click on: Get Started”. Simple and fast for everyone to try.

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