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Top Free VPN To Get In Order To Protect Your Privacy

Free VPN

Free VPN Being online means that you are quite vulnerable and forced to respect certain limits. VPNs comes to fix that, and they are able to protect your privacy, as well as unblock websites that you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise. Free VPN Here are some great VPNs that work …

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How to Fix Windows 10 Update – Error 0x8009000F-0x90002

Fix Windows 10 Update Not many users can solve their Windows Update issues, especially since there are some errors that require a long process to fix them. And Microsoft doesn’t have an official response to help with fixing different errors. Fix Windows 10 Update But before getting to fix this …

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Top VPN Extension Mozilla Firefox in 2017

VPN Extension Mozilla Firefox

VPN Extension Mozilla Firefox The browser industry is mainly ruled by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Both browsers are packed with cool features and they compete against each other every day. However, it seems like the feature that both lack is a VPN extension. Luckily, this issue can be fixed …

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Chrome Extensions Download and Install Manually

Image result for Chrome Extensions Download and Install Manually

Chrome Extensions Download Google’s web browser: Chrome has become the most popular browser worldwide. This has lead to the creation of thousands of extensions and apps which can be easily found online or in the Chrome web store. Apart from those extensions there are also some which can be installed …

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