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Chrome Extensions Download and Install Manually

Chrome Extensions Download Google’s web browser: Chrome has become the most popular browser worldwide. This has lead to the creation of thousands of extensions and apps which can be easily found online or in the Chrome web store. Apart from those extensions there are also some which can be installed manually and they can be found by downloading .crx file.

Chrome Extensions Download

Chrome Extensions Download

.CRX file

If you decide to discover more Chrome extensions then you have to download .crx files. When performing this operation, Chrome will ask you whether you want to keep the file or not. After you verify the file is not malicious you can then start the downloading process.

Once the .crx file is downloaded, there are several instructions to follow because it is not a regular file that can be downloaded by just clicking on it.

Steps to download a .crx file

After deciding which Chrome Extension File (.crx) you want to install, proceed to download it. Once downloaded, open the Extensions management Page on Chrome (chrome://extensions/), select the file and drag it to the Chrome Window. You will receive a message asking you whether you want or not to add the extension. After clicking on the Add button, the installing process should begin.

Google Chrome: features and popularity

As most programs and apps developed by the tech giant, Google, the Chrome web browser is successful worldwide. It was released for the first time nine year ago and the most recent stable version has been released two days ago for Windows, macOS and Linux.

The web browser is available in 47 different languages and it is also available as mobile browser on Android and iOS. Those who want to use Chrome on their Android mobile need to operate with Android Jelly Bean or later versions. The browser receives security fixes periodically. Chrome Extensions Download

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