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How To Download Facebook Videos without third-party Software

Download Facebook Videos without third-party Software

How many times have you seen a good video on Facebook and told yourself you must download it for later? Plenty of times, I am sure. For those who do not want to waste time using special software to download Facebook videos, this alternative method exists.

Download Facebook Videos

Why downloading Facebook videos is important?

Those who create videos on Instagram and are also connected with the Facebook page might decide they also want to put the video on YouTube or Vimeo, or maybe their blog.

Gamers might use their PS4 consoles to record a video game and they will be given the option to post it on Facebook. That is great, but maybe they want the video on YouTube or just on their PC to watch later.

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These are just a couple of reasons why knowing to download Facebook videos is important.

An easy method to download Facebook videos

This easy method will show you how to extract an MP4 file from Facebook without using third-party software.

  • Go to the page responsible for posting the video and click on the “More” button.
  • Select the video you want to download and click on it.
  • Change the “https://www” URL to “https://m”.
  • Save the video: click on it and choose “Save Video as”
  • Chose the Mp4 option when saving the video

It is imperative to remember that before starting this process you need to play the video. If you right-click on it without having plaid it, the option will not appear.

SNS are full of cool videos

There are plenty of cool videos to be found on apps such as Facebook or Instagram, not to mention YouTube. Nowadays it is only necessary to open them and you will find interesting videos.

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