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Download Fildo App Music 2.8.7 APK and Receive Access to Every Song in the World

Fildo App Music is slowly but surely becoming a “must-have” app for Android and iOS fans. This app allows users to download any song they want without having to pay a dime! Knowing how iOS fans can only download songs through iTunes and that they need to pay for them, Fildo Music is going to make their lives so much easier.

Download Fildo App Music

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The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t limit users to only one genre of music and instead, it helps them discover new genres such as rock, jazz, rap and so on. The app is equipped with a simple to use UI which ships with a built-in browser. Therefore, Fildo Music users can simply type in the name of a band or a song and the app will provide them with download links.

Fildo App Music 2.8.7 APK Update

The latest version of Fildo Music features the 2.8.7 build number and its available for download right now. This update introduces two major bug fixes, one cool feature and we’re going to cover them right now. The first bug fix takes care of a known issue which caused playlists of the main view to show only one song.

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The second bug fix changes how the list of best artists and best albums work. The sole purpose of this bug fix is to make it easier for users to discover the latest tracks and albums. Nonetheless, the update also introduces a new feature that makes it possible for users to translate texts.

How to Install Fildo App Music on Android

The first thing that Android users need to do is to download the official Fildo App Music APK file. After doing that, head over to settings and enable the “Unknown sources” option which will allow the APK to install. All that’s left now is to double click on the APK file and follow the installation guide.

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