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[Download] Google Play Services 11.9.49 Beta APK With An Improved User Experience

Google Play Services Most people have no idea what Play Services does, but this doesn’t mean that its not important. In fact, there are many reports which show how Android users are shocked to find out that nearly all their apps stop working after Play Services has been deleted. This should give us some insight of the importance of Play Services and why it should never be deleted.

Google Play Services

The Importance of Play Services

Play Services is a key component in Google’s operating system. In fact, we can even argue that Play Services is directly responsible for Android’s premium user experience. The reason we are saying this is because Play Services is the one which helps other apps to automatically update themselves and that it’s also responsible for saving important settings such as user privacy settings.

Google Play Services 11.9.49 Beta APK

Now that we know how valuable Play Services is to Google’s operating system, it becomes clear why Google is always releasing new updates to it. Therefore, the reason we are talking about Play Services today is because a new APK is available for download.

The APK brings the app’s version number up to 11.9.49 beta and its scheduled to roll out to the wide public during the upcoming weeks. Although, eager Android users who want to make sure that their smartphone runs fast and that it will never malfunction can always opt to manually download and install the APK themselves.

The only things that Android users need to do in order to install the latest version of Play Services is to enroll in Google’s Android Beta Program and to enable the smartphone to install apps from unknown sources. Moreover, the installation of apps from unknown sources can be enabled from the “Settings” panel.

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