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Download YouTube Videos without Software with this Simple Trick

Download YouTube Videos without Software with this Simple Trick

YouTube has become the most popular and famous video sharing website and it hosts all types of videos anyone could ever think of: tutorials, news, viral videos, comedy and the list goes on. Users can watch the videos, rate and comment them, they can upload their videos and create favorite lists.  Due to this wide range of videos, many want to download them and watch the video offline.

Download YouTube Videos without Software

Download YouTube Videos without Software

Forget about additional software

Third-party software can be dangerous for security reasons. Those who want to download the videos and watch them while on a trip or just while going to work in the subway, have to follow these simple guidelines.

There is no need to use YouTube downloader or other kind of software available on the internet. It is time-consuming and this kind of software can come with computer viruses.

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The fastest and safest way to download YouTube videos is to use YouTube’s options.

How to download YouTube videos without third-party software

These are the simple steps you need to follow:

  • First open YouTube on your PC browser.
  • Secondly, decide which video you want to see offline and play it.
  • Thirdly, you have to remove https://www. From the URL of the video.
  • Fourthly, type ss before youtube.com/watch? and press enter
  • The fifth step is to enter to the page: savefrom.net. and select the quality of the video from the drop down menu.
  • Sixth, the downloading process will begin automatically.

It is a simple process and there is no need for additional software. Another advantage is that you can decide what video quality you want to download the video with, depending on what type of device you are going to watch the video on. Good luck!

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