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Football Manager 2019 – New Set of Features Confirmed by Game Creator

Football Manager is one of the longest running gaming franchises in the world and this says something about the quality of the entertainment that it offers. A new Football Manager game comes out every year and gamers all around the world are eager to have fun with it. The 2018 edition is out and it’s the best installment that the franchise ever seen. However, the question that remains is how will the next installment top the 2018 edition?

Football Manager

Expected Features

First off, we need to mention that the developers who are in charge of Football Manager are doing their best not to give away any information about the upcoming game. The reason behind this is because they want to keep a level of secrecy about Football Manager 2019 so that it can create a successful marketing campaign when it finally comes out.

Nonetheless, Miles Jacobson who is the creator of the Football Manager franchise leaked something important during a recent interview. The game creator said the following when asked about Football Manager 2019’s upcoming features: “An initial feature set was put together for Football Manager 2018 in March last year, so we’ll have meetings to go through new things we want to happen in the new game”.

Therefore, Football Manager fans should be happy to know that they will indeed receive a new set of features. The only downside to this is that we don’t know what those features will be, at least for now. These features will be more than likely unveiled when the game is getting close to its release date.

Release Date

One of the things that makes Football, Manager such an awesome game is the fact that it follows the real-life football season calendar. Therefore, all games have been released right after a new season started. For example, Football, Manager 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 all came out in November. This leads us to believe that Football, Manager 2019 will follow the same pattern.

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