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Hoxx VPN Proxy Review – Browse the Internet Freely

Using a VPN proxy service can be lifesaving these days. Whether you want to hide your location and become untraceable or unblock websites that are blocked by your Internet provider.

Hoxx VPN Proxy

Hoxx VPN Proxy

There are various alternatives available for this. Today we will talk about Hoxx VPM Proxy, an option that is available for free and it can be simply added to Firefox.

The Hoxx VPN Proxy add on:

If you are worried about protecting your privacy, then Hoxx VPN Proxy might be exactly what you want since it can be used to hide all your personal data and traces. There are plenty of attackers who want to get your personal information and use it for their own profit. In order to prevent that, Hoxx VPN Service is able to “cover” you when you are at a public Wi-Fi location.

Hoxx VPN Proxy can be also used to access sites that are normally blocked. Sites can be blocked because of many reasons, such as licensing ones. However, using this add-on should allow you to access any website, whether it has been blocked or not. It can bypass government mandated filtering and it does not have any bandwidth restrictions.

How to use the Hoxx VPN Proxy add on?

It is incredibly easy to use the Hoxx VPN, Proxy add-on. You won’t need to configure it yourself, since a valid hoxx account is the only required thing. After you have that account you can use Hoxx VPN, Proxy right away.

Hoxx VPN Proxy is currently at version 3.0.2 it received its last update on November 22, 2017. The add-on has over 100 servers all over the world. You should also know that Hoxx VPN, Proxy offers a static IP address and it comes with a 4096bit encryption.

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