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How To Make The Best Optimized Video for YouTube SEO

The Best Optimized Video for YouTube SEO Those interested in advertising their products using videos, YouTube might be the best place to post them. It is a video-sharing website with more than one billion users and it will for sure help you advertise your products.

The Best Optimized Video for YouTube SEO

The Best Optimized Video for YouTube SEO

Making videos and editing them are two different things

It is one thing to make a video, and a completely different one to edit videos. It is also quite tricky to get people to watch your video and to earn how to do YouTube marketing.

The most important thing you need is learning how to optimize your video.

The first step is a good video

Before even starting to learn how to optimize a video, it is important to understand that a bad video cannot be helped.

You need a good video, which implies good sound, a great message, top-notch visuals and elements to optimize.

Sound and theme

A good video has a good sound quality and a catchy theme or message. The sound of your video is sometimes even more important than the video itself. There is nothing more disturbing than a bad sound.

The message is important as well. A clear message towards your target audience is a big plus. The video should contain at the beginning a hint of what the video is about, then proof you know your stuff and at the end a reiteration of your theme. Therefore, making a short script is always recommended.

Visuals and optimization

Visuals are one of the most important elements your video should contain. The video should not have background noise or other distortions and great graphics should be provided.

A well optimized video for YouTube contains these elements:

  • A keyword: keywords are crucial for online visual contents and to help promote them
  • Title: the title is perhaps the most important element of your video and you should spend time thinking about a good one
  • Meta: pay attention to how you write the full description of your video
  • Tags: not mandatory, but super important
  • Engage users and feedback
  • Use YoutTube cards
  • Add an end screen

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