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NBA 2K18 Teams with Official Jerseys from Nike

NBA 2K18 The famous American sports-related corporation moved fast and nailed contracts with almost all NBA teams for the 2018 season. Most of the Jerseys released so far have received positive critics after being presented in the NBA-branded video games.

NBA 2K18 Teams

MBA 2K18 and Nike

The new City Jerseys are used by most teams in 2018 and those who are curious can use their gaming consoles such as PS4 or Xbox One and check them out. NBA 2K18 game presents the Jerseys and the teams with City uni should have it printed after the Statement Jersey. To check head to the team you are interested in and use Y0button or the triangle and scroll though all the uniform options.

Nike is still strong with official Jerseys

Most famous retailers and brands are looking to be the official representative of big teams. This is valid for all sports and perhaps the most popular ones are for football, soccer and basketball. Nike has been present in the industry for many decades and it still popular.

Last year, the brand was valued at $29.6 billion. In 2003, Nike bought the Converse company and started manufacturing the Chuck Taylor All-Stars sneakers. In 2004, the company also bought Starter and Umbro, and, thus, became the official manufacturers of the England football team in 2008.

Nike: a versatile brand

Nike sells a wide range of sports-related equipment, but they started simple with track running shoes. Nowadays, we can find shoes, jerseys, shorts, baselayers, cleats and many other accessories.

Nike’s marketing strategy has been a very successful one through the years and part of the secret is the sponsorship agreements signed with famous celebrities, athletes, professional teams and college athletic teams. Undoubtedly, Nike is a huge and complex empire.

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