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Things You Didn’t Know About TSTv Decoder

TSTV decoder was officially launched yesterday (October 1st, 2017), but the question is…do you really know everything about TSTv decoder?

While we await the official sale of TSTv decoder, be notified that TSTv has not commenced the sale of their decoder and disregard any message asking you to purchase or pay.

Things You Didn’t Know About TSTv Decoder

They’re all SCAM!

With that said…

I’ve compiled 10 things you didn’t know about TSTv decoder and here they are:

10 Things You Should Know About TSTv Decoder

1. Price of TSTv Decoder

TSTv decoder remote dish will be sold at ₦5000 in Nigeria.

2. Installation is needed

Just like other decoder dishes, an installation will be required. And your ₦5000 purchase fee does not cover for installation. You will have to pay for installation separately.

3. Now on QuickTeller

Quickteller e-payment system has now included TSTv. So you can now pay with your Quickteller application.

4. Pause subscription for seven days

You can only pause your subscription for seven days (7). Which means you have seven days addition days grace plus your normal subscription validity to pause it. For example, if you do the 30 days plan, you can pause for 7 days eventually extending your validity to 37 days.

So if you were thinking you can pause and use a 1-month subscription from October until December, then you’re fooling yourself.

5. You don’t need data to watch

Data bundles and watching TSTv channels have nothing to do together. TSTv data is just a bonus on your active subscription packages (click here to find all data bonuses attached to their packages).

TSTv Channel List

Which implies that you can watch your TSTv channels without data. Yet, enjoy your data hotspot functionality like a modem.

6. 1-Day plan

You can do a one-day TSTv plan for just ₦200.

7. 20GB is for new decoders

You only get 20GB when you buy their decoder. Subsequently, your data size depends on the allotted data on their different bouquets.

An example is, ₦3000 plan will award you with 10GB.

8. Dealers are available

You can purchase from registered TSTv dealer near you. The list of dealers in Nigeria has been updated.

No matter your location in Nigeria, all you gotta do is, check tstvafrica.com for an updated list of official dealers closest to you for purchase.

9. One movie purchase

TSTv video box allows you the ability to purchase a movie for just ₦300.

This box will feature new movies that will be given out by paying a token fee of ₦300 only.

Things You Didn’t Know About TSTv Decoder
TSTv decoder subscription table – Quickteller

10. Extra 1GB data upon data expiry

Those asking what happens when they exhaust their current TSTv data plans? Can you buy data while you still have an active sub without data?

Well, yes.

You can buy extra 1GB data for ₦300.

TSTv allows you to purchase extra 1GB data when you finish your active plan.

That’d be all about TSTv Decoder for now. I hope that’s clear?

TSTv is surely the decoder to beat.

If DStv, GOtv, Startimes etc. are not careful… They will be knocked out of the market real soon.

So, while I wait to get hold of this device for official review. Let me hear from you what you think about TSTv and all their features.

Cheers and happy Naija @ 57!

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