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Top Free VPN To Get In Order To Protect Your Privacy

Free VPN Being online means that you are quite vulnerable and forced to respect certain limits. VPNs comes to fix that, and they are able to protect your privacy, as well as unblock websites that you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise.

Free VPN

Free VPN

Here are some great VPNs that work really well and do not require and purchases.

CyberGhost VPN

If you are looking for a VPN that does not work only with the browser, CyberGhost VPN is able to do that, protecting all of your Internet use. Nevertheless, the free version allows you only three-hour sessions and you will need to upgrade to the paid versions if you want more.

Hola Unblocker

This VPN works with Mozilla Firefox and it is an add-on. However, you should know that Hola Unblocker does not work with every single website, although it does work with many of them. Its icon will appear in the Firefox toolbar and you will be able to see if it is active or not.

Hotspot Shield VPN

You probably already heard about this one since it is very popular. It works with both computers and mobile devices, and ads are the only disadvantage.


If you are ready for something more complex, you might want to take a look at VPNBook. This one requires your attention since you will have to set it up. It is a service, so you will use a separate VPN client that needs to be configured. If you get past that you will see that it really does its job.


This one here is basically a Google Chrome extension. This is an advantage since it means that it is incredibly easy to install and it will take only a few seconds to install it. Nevertheless, ZenMate only works with Google Chrome.

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