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Top YouTube Video Editing Software for Professionals

Top YouTube Video Editing Software Those who know about video editing and editing software have at least a couple of videos posted on YouTube. When learning about video editing software for YouTube it is good to know a couple of programs which are popular due to their features.

Top YouTube Video Editing Software for Professionals

Windows Movie Maker: a classic for Windows users

Those who use Windows PC could try out this freeware software for YouTube for a couple of reasons. One would be because it is designed by Microsoft. The reputable company is known for creating high quality software and programs.

Windows Movie Maker will help you learn the insides of video editing and it provides a variety of tools and functions. It is also useful with photos slide shows.

It is available for free, but there are certain features which can be bought.

Beginners will definitely enjoy this software.

iMovie (Mac): perfect for MacBook owners

This software could be considered the equivalent of Windows Movie Maker, but for iOS. Apple created video editing software which is easy to use for importing videos, as well as editing them. The friendly interface allows users to add effects, insert title and sound tracks, all of this with just a drag and a drop.

The iMovie has a price of 14.99$.

Filmora Video Editor (Windows and Mac)

Advanced video editing users will enjoy this software due to its many effects. These effects will help the user personalize their video editing. The effects also include intro/credit, which offer templates, transitions for flawless exchange of scenes, filters and sound effects.

This video editing software is perfect for YouTube videos, offering a variety of file formats and high quality editing.

It also offers video color correction, a feature which allows the editors to adjust the brightness, the saturation and contrast. It can be used for both Windows PC and Mac.

Top YouTube Video Editing Software

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