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TubeMate 3.0.11 APK Excels at Downloading Online Videos

TubeMate 3.0.11 APK Can you imagine how awesome it would be if YouTube videos had a download button? Everyone would be able to fill up their smartphones with entertaining content and cool music videos and fortunately, this is actually possible. There is a cool app that allows people to download videos from all types of video streaming platforms, YouTube included.

TubeMate 3.0.11 APK

TubeMate 3.0.11 APK

The app that’s making this all possible is called TubeMate and the 3.0.11 APK update is now live. This update introduces a bunch of bug fixes and software tweaks that take TubeMate’s performance to the next level. Although, we need to mention that APK updates are exclusive to Android smartphone owners and that they need to be manually downloaded and installed.

Downloading Videos

First off, we need to mention that YouTube’s terms of services make it clear that no one is allowed to download videos that they do not own. Therefore, we advise people to only download their own videos if they want them to be saved.

Nonetheless, TubeMate can download videos from websites such as DailyMotion, FunnyorDie, Vimeo and even social media ones such as Instagram and Facebook. However, the best thing about TubeMate is that it ships with a pre-installed MP3 converter which allows people to download music videos and transform them into MP3 format.

Speed and Performance

If there’s one thing that TubeMate does better than any other apps it has to be the fast speed that its able to download videos. The app has been optimized so that it uses multiple thread connections when downloading videos and this boosts average download speeds.

Another cool feature related to downloading videos that TubeMate offers is the app’s ability to download everything in the background. The reason why this feature is so awesome is because it doesn’t lock the smartphone and it allows users to take care of other tasks such as sending a text.

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