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TubeMate Receives 3.0.11 APK Which is Its First Major Update

TubeMate Receives 3.0.11 APK is an awesome app that takes mobile entertainment to the next level. This app gives users the ability to download any online video they and this makes TubeMate a priceless source of free videos, especially since it supports platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and even social media websites like Instagram and Facebook.

TubeMate Receives 3.0.11 APK

TubeMate v3.0.11 build 1038 Update

The app has been grabbing everyone’s attention these past few months and the developers who are in charge of it have decided to release a new update which contains a plethora of updates that make TubeMate even better than it already is. TubeMate Receives 3.0.11 APK

The new update changes the app’s build number to “30.011 build 1038” and it completely revamps TubeMate’s UI while boosting its performances at the same time.

Ad Free!

Considering that TubeMate is free to download, the people who created it needed to use ads in order to generate revenue. These ads could get quite annoying at times and fortunately, the developers have decided to completely remove them. We must give praise to the developers for making this major change because it makes TubeMate so much more fun to use.

New Design

As previously mentioned, the new update overhauls TubeMate’s UI. The app’s new design has been developed with one purpose in mind, and that’s to make it easier for users to find all the online video content they want. The new design also looks really good, thus making TubeMate feel more premium than it used to be.

Under the Hood Tweaks

The only reason why TubeMate is being used is to download online videos. Therefore, no one should be surprised to find out that the new update contains a couple of under the hood tweaks that boost its video downloading capabilities.

The app now supports multi windows browsing, background downloads, multiple download resolutions and improved browsing history among other features.

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