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UC Browser Available On Google Play Store

The UC Browser is one of the most popular browsers in Asia and that is why it was very surprising to learn that it was removed from Google Play Store. As it turns out, the app did not respect the guidelines of Play Store. The exact reason for UC Browser’s unavailability on Google Play is because of a certain set of UC Browser that was not in line with Google’s policy. The reason for the removal has nothing to do with alleged data security breach or malicious promotion,” a spokesperson explained back then.

UC Browser

Normally, we would have believed that it will take a while until we will see the UC browser once again. However, it appears that it took less than we expected and now it is once again available

The UC browser is back on the Play Store

“During the brief absence of UC Browser on Play Store, we continued to meticulously check our technical settings while also witnessing an uninterrupted passion of our users for the product, who looked upon the alternative version, UC Browser Mini, and made it to the top of [the] Free Apps category on the Play Store,” declared Head-International Business Department at Alibaba Mobile Business Group, Young Li.

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There have also been some allegations that accused the company of using “unhealthy methods of promotion to increase installs”, but they also cleared that up as well: “We would like to state that we have no records of anyone named ‘Mike Ross’ claiming to be working for UC Browser, as mentioned in some reports. The person claiming to be working for UC, Browser is in no way associated with the firm nor represents the views of the company. The allegations of misleading and malicious promotions by the said person are completely false and baseless.”

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