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Whatsapp Desktop Status now Available for PC Users

Whatsapp Desktop Status now Available for PC Users. You can now view your friend’s status message from your laptop or desktop using either by using whatsapp desktop software or whatsapp web. I strongly suggest you don’t use whatsapp web, I gave various reasons why in this article I wrote –  Best Way to use Whatsapp PC in 2017.

Whatsapp Desktop Status now Available for PC Users

Requirements for Whatsapp Desktop Software

  1. Download Whatsapp software: It works for laptop and desktop computers.
  2. Stable internet connection on both the phone or tablet and computer.
  3. Existing Active Whatsapp account on your phone or tablet.

How can I Start Using Whatsapp Desktop Status?

This is the million dollar question which is the main reason behind me writing this article and you reading this article.

You only need to do 1 thing:

Download Whatsapp for Windows or Mac PC

Pictures of Whatsapp status on Windows PC

In Conclusion

The new feature that made Whatsapp Desktop Status possible is a good one. With this new development there’s little or no difference between using whatsapp on your computer and using whatsapp on your smartphone.

Another thing I would like to add is the fact that Blackberry smartphone users haven’t been able to use the relatively new whatsapp status feature released only some few months ago. This would be a wonderful opportunity for them to finally experience and participate in the trending Whatsapp status hype right now.

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